Shipping Containers: The 3 Benefits Of Using Them For Storage

Benefits Of Using Shipping Containers For Storage In Victoria
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You’ve been storing your belongings in typical in-door storage lockers for years; however, a better risk-free alternative exists. Shipping containers often get overlooked for personal storage, yet they’re the world’s most relied-upon means for storing and transporting goods. We’re here to tell you why shipping containers, also known as sea cans, are an excellent self-storage option for Victoria residents. At West Coast Super Storage, we use shipping containers as our primary storage space. There is currently a global surplus of shipping containers, so we’re happy to find a green way to put them to good use. The 3 benefits of using shipping containers for storage in Victoria include having a larger-than-average storage volume, the durability to withstand any weather condition, and security even fire can’t breach. These benefits make them ideal for personal storage space in Victoria. We guarantee you won’t look at your standard 5ft by 10ft storage locker the same way.

The 3 Benefits of Using Shipping Containers

Larger-Than-Average Storage volume

The first thing to know about storing your items in shipping containers is they’re larger and sturdier than typical in-door storage lockers. Regular storage lockers are 5ft by 10ft, while the standard shipping container is 8ft by 20ft. The size difference between both options is substantial. With these specifications, they offer 220% more storage space than their industry counterparts. We offer them in the standard 8ft by 20ft size and a smaller 8ft by 10ft option. As any Victorian can tell you, lower Vancouver Island property and storage rates are at a premium. We proudly offer a larger space at a lower price so you can keep your house clear of inessential items you could otherwise keep in a storage container. 

Durability to Withstand Any Weather Conditions

In Victoria, we’re no strangers to varying weather conditions. Throughout the year, our climate exhibits a range of heat spikes in the summer, on-and-off frigid conditions in the winter, and an almost year-long rain season. The durability and weatherproofing offered by shipping containers make them ideal for storing personal items in this climate. As mentioned above, they are designed for the worldwide transportation of goods. For this reason, shipping containers come stock with 14 gauge, 0.075-inch corrugated sheet steel panels—the perfect protective layer to keep all your personal items safe regardless of the exterior environment. Those precious personal belongings deserve proper protection regardless of what Victoria’s climate throws at them.

Security Even Fire Can’t Breach

The last thing you want is for your stored belongings to be damaged or destroyed by someone else’s negligence. In a typical storage facility, there’s dependence on neighbouring units and the facility itself to exercise best practices. Best practices include attention to fire hazards, rodent infestations, and weatherproofing. Luckily, shipping containers are the perfect vessel to negate all these risks. The durable exterior steel layer can withstand the spread of fire, prevent rodents from infiltrating your unit, and provide the weatherproofing capabilities previously covered. For these reasons, where else would you want to store your personal belongings? Shipping containers distinctively answer that question.

Shipping Containers With West Coast Super Storage 

Now that we’ve discussed the 3 benefits of using shipping containers for storage in Victoria, you’re probably jumping on Google to try and buy one. The benefits of large, weatherproof, fireproof, rodent-proof, durable, 14-gauge steel units speak for themselves. There’s no need to clutter your own property with a large shipping container. At West Coast Super Storage, all of our rentals remain on our property, which is accessible daily with 24-hour surveillance cameras for security. 

Our motto is to drive a little and save a lot. We offer the lowest storage prices in Greater Victoria, with more than enough shipping containers to store your belongings. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions regarding our facilities or availability. We would be happy to connect and answer any of your questions!

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