Seasonal Storage: The Top 5 Items To Consider Storing

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Do you ever wake up in mid-January and walk downstairs only to see your Christmas decorations are still up? Yeah, us too. With that comes the struggle of clearing out space on your property to store it for a whole year until the following Christmas. This problem exists with various items, where you only use something seasonally but takes up a valuable amount of room year-round. At West Coast Super Storage, we encourage our customers to strongly consider what seasonal items they actually need constant access to and what items can be stored away until the respective time of year. We hope this list of the top 5 seasonal items you must put in storage units helps you realize the same. Once you decide what holiday decorations, outdoor furniture, sporting equipment, summer boats, and seasonal clothing can go in storage, we are happy to help. In no time, you’ll be able to maximize the amount of usable space on your property, previously cluttered with seasonal items. 

5 Things You Should Put in Seasonal Storage

Holiday Decorations

With Christmas just behind us, there is no better time to put all your Christmas decorations into storage units until next year. When you consider the Christmas tree, lights, yard decorations, ornaments, etc., your attic or basement will quickly become claustrophobic. The best thing about all these items is they’re only needed once a year. So why not store them when they aren’t in use? You wouldn’t put up a Christmas tree in the summer, would you? The same goes with Halloween; that massive 12-foot skeleton doesn’t need to live in your shed. 

Outdoor Furniture

In Victoria, we’re no strangers to varying weather conditions. Throughout the year, our climate exhibits a range of heat spikes in the summer, on-and-off frigid conditions in the winter, and an almost year-long rain season. The durability and weatherproofing offered by shipping containers make them ideal for storing personal items in this climate. As mentioned above, Outdoor furniture is fantastic for entertaining and soaking in those glorious sun rays in the summer. However, your furniture can get damaged when there’s a foot of snow on the ground. Patio Comfort mentions outdoor furniture will warp, rot, and rust from the excessive amounts of moisture from rain, ice, and snow during winter. To ensure you’re maximizing yard space and minimizing the damage to your outdoor furniture, you should leave these items in storage until the warmer days return. 

Sporting Equipment

Do you ever ski in the summer? Do you ever paddleboard in the winter? Probably not. Seasonal sporting equipment like these takes up large amounts of room, and you only use them a couple of months of the year. Some sporting equipment is usable year-round, but for sizeable seasonal sporting equipment, just put them in storage until the time is right.

Over-Winter Boat Storage

West Coast Super Storage offers storage for all types of vehicles, including cars, trucks, RVs, and boats. All these options are available year-round; however, over-winter boat storage is the best seasonal option you should take advantage of. In the winter, you must take your boat out of the water to prevent damage. There are better options than leaving massive boats and trailers in your driveway, considering the value of driveway space. Instead, you can leave your boat in a storage lot for over-winter boat storage. We would be happy to chat about storing larger vehicles in the off-season.

Seasonal Clothing

In Victoria, we’re lucky to have a climate that doesn’t change drastically from the summer to winter months, unlike other parts of Canada. However, the changing temperatures are substantial enough to have separate wardrobes for different weather. Oversized winter coats occupy much closet space, and drawers for shorts and tank tops seem silly come winter. Keeping separate wardrobes is super easy when utilizing a storage locker. When you go to drop off your winter clothes, you can pick up your summer clothes at the same time. In only two easy trips, you can maximize the amount of available closet space year-round. 

Seasonal Storage with West Coast Super Storage

We hope this list of the top five seasonal items you must put in storage units has convinced you to think differently about seasonal storage. All the items listed are fantastic in their respective seasons but inconvenient in their off-seasons. With that said, when you decide to store your items at West Coast Super Storage, you have added security from 24-hour surveillance. So, if you need your seasonal items, they’re safe, and you can come to get them almost anytime. 

We would love to talk storage with you, and if you have any questions, feel free to reach out!